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SB 8 (HB 121) - Mental Health - Treatment Plans for Individuals in Facilities and Residence Grievance System Requiring a treatment plan for an individual with a mental disorder admitted to a certain health care facility to include a certain discharge goal and an estimate of the probable length of the inpatient stay the individual requires before transfer to a certain setting; requiring certain facility staff to review and reassess a plan of treatment; establishing an appeals process related to the review of a treatment plan; requiring the Maryland Department of Health to adopt certain regulations relating to the appeals process; etc. SB 8

HB 121

Approved by the Governor - Chapter 262 (5/3)

Approved by the Governor - Chapter 263 (5/3)
SB 410 - Public Health - Childbirth - Paternity Test Requiring, when a child is born at a health care facility, the attending physician to offer to the presumed father of the child the option to take a paternity test; requiring the offer to take a paternity test be made orally and in writing and before a birth certificate form is completed for the child; etc. SB 410

Hearing 2/15 at 1:00 p.m. (2/1)