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2021 Legislative Session - Updated December 2
These are the bills MHA has taken a position on during the 2021 legislative session. Browse by Senate or House bill number, by position taken, or by category. To see upcoming hearing dates, current bill status and MHA testimony, click on the bill?s assigned category. Testimony will be uploaded after the hearing date.



SB 3
HB 123
Preserve Telehealth Access Act of 2021 SupportTelehealth
SB 5
HB 28
Public Health - Implicit Bias Training and the Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities SupportHealth Equity & Social Determinants
SB 12
HB 393
Maryland Office of the Inspector General for Health MonitorMaryland Department of Health (MDH)
SB 13
HB 1193
Certified Nursing Assistants - Certificate Renewal - Training Program Requirements MonitorWorkforce
SB 34
HB 299
State Board of Physicians - Genetic Counselors - Licensing Letter of SupportClinical
SB 35
HB 37
Procurement - Prevailing Wage - Applicability MonitorCapital Budget
SB 41
HB 132
Health - Mental and Emotional Disorders - Consent (Mental Health Access Initiative) MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 47
HB 806
Health Facilities - Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Programs - Essential Caregivers MonitorPost-Acute Care
SB 52
HB 78
Public Health - Maryland Commission on Health Equity (The Shirley Nathan-Pulliam Health Equity Act of 2021) SupportHealth Equity & Social Determinants
SB 56
HB 191
Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Psychiatrist and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Telemedicine Reimbursement - Sunset Termination Letter of SupportBehavioral Health
SB 66
HB 97
Department of Housing and Community Development - Office of Statewide Broadband - Established (Digital Connectivity Act of 2021) Letter of SupportTelehealth
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 67
HB 1313
Emergency Medical Services - Paramedics - Vaccination Administration SupportCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 68 Maryland Department of Emergency Management - Establishment MonitorEmergency Medical Services
COVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 71 Maryland Police Accountability Act of 2021 - Body-Worn Cameras, Employee Programs, and Use of Force MonitorViolence Prevention
SB 88
HB 304
State and Local Government - Participation in Federal Immigration Enforcement MonitorImmigration
SB 92
HB 1195
Income Tax - Credits for Preceptors in Areas With Health Care Workforce Shortages - Eligibility and Sunset Repeal Letter of SupportWorkforce
SB 94 Public Health - Local Health District Boards MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
Public Health
SB 100
HB 368
Task Force on Oral Health in Maryland MonitorDental
Task Force/Work Group
SB 102
HB 1252
Income Tax - Credits for Preceptors in Areas With Health Care Workforce Shortages Letter of SupportWorkforce
SB 105
HB 289
Peace Orders - Workplace Violence SupportWorkforce
Violence Prevention
SB 111
HB 484
Health Care Facilities - Dialysis Treatment Services - Training (David Selby Dialysis Parity Act) MonitorClinical
Hospital Operations
SB 117
HB 58
Workgroup on Minority Homeownership, Neighborhood Revitalization, and Household Wealth Equity MonitorHealth Equity & Social Determinants
SB 139
HB 540
Interstate Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact Letter of SupportClinical
SB 163 Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Doula Pilot Program MonitorMaternal & Child Health
SB 168
HB 209
Public Health - Maryland Suicide Fatality Review Committee MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 172
HB 463
Maryland Health Equity Resource Act SupportHealth Equity & Social Determinants
SB 177
HB 134
Business Regulation - Flavored Tobacco Products - Prohibition Letter of SupportPublic Health
SB 199
HB 114
Transportation - Maryland Transit Administration Funding and MARC Rail Extension Study (Transit Safety and Investment Act) Letter of SupportHealth Equity & Social Determinants
SB 204
HB 416
Health Care Facilities - Assisted Living Programs - Requirements for Alzheimer's Special Care Units and Regulations MonitorAging
SB 210
HB 508
COVID-19 Claim - Civil Immunity Chamber/MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
Medical Liability
SB 211
HB 375
Labor and Employment - Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program - Establishment (Time to Care Act of 2021) MonitorWorkforce
SB 216
HB 728
Criminal Procedure - Committed Persons - Release Proceedings MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 217
HB 117
Maryland Personal Information Protection Act - Revisions MonitorHealth Information Technology
SB 262
HB 224
Department of Information Technology - Study of a Common Information Technology Platform for Health Occupations Boards Letter of SupportHealth Occupation Boards
SB 278
HB 34
State Department of Education and Maryland Department of Health - Maryland School-Based Health Center Standards - Telehealth Letter of SupportTelehealth
SB 279
HB 396
Public Health - Overdose and Infectious Disease Prevention Services Program MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 286
HB 108
Behavioral Health Crisis Response Services - Modifications Letter of SupportBehavioral Health
SB 290
HB 167
Health Insurance - Out-of-Pocket Maximums and Cost-Sharing Requirements - Calculation Letter of SupportInsurance
SB 299
HB 548
Human Services - Trauma-Informed Care - Commission and Training (Healing Maryland's Trauma Act) Letter of SupportTask Force/Work Group
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 301 Corporations - Board Members and Executive Officers Diversity - Procurement Preference and Reporting MonitorChamber
SB 307 Labor and Employment - Direct Care Workforce Innovation Program MonitorWorkforce
SB 311
HB 25
Catastrophic Health Emergencies - Health Care Providers - Definition and Immunity (Maryland Health Care Heroes Protection Act) SupportMedical Liability
SB 322
HB 1071
Health - Health and Wellness Standards - Correctional Facilities and Health Care Facilities OpposeHospital Operations
SB 357 Joint Committee on Workforce Development Letter of SupportWorkforce
SB 365 Neighborhood Business Development Program - Food Desert Projects - Business Retention Letter of SupportHealth Equity & Social Determinants
SB 367 Housing and Community Development - Neighborhood Revitalization Programs - Application Requirements MonitorHealth Equity & Social Determinants
SB 389
HB 552
Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Emergency Service Transporters - Reimbursement MonitorEmergency Medical Services
SB 393
HB 551
Maryland Medical Assistance Program and Health Insurance - Coverage and Reimbursement of Telehealth Services Letter of SupportTelehealth
SB 398
HB 537
Mental Health Law - Petitions for Emergency Evaluation - Procedures Letter of ConcernBehavioral Health
SB 406
HB 93
Public Safety - Local Youth Violence Review Committees MonitorChildren & Youth
Violence Prevention
SB 412
HB 84
Consumer Protection - Right to Repair MonitorHospital Operations
SB 425
HB 783
Workgroup on Screening Related to Adverse Childhood Experiences MonitorChildren & Youth
Task Force/Work Group
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 466
HB 689
Mental Health - Assent to and Certificates for Admission - Licensed Certified Social Worker-Clinical and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 469
HB 598
Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Applied Behavior Analysis Services - Reimbursement MonitorMedicaid
Behavioral Health
SB 473
HB 56
Labor and Employment - Leave With Pay - Bereavement Leave MonitorWorkforce
SB 476
HB 95
Health Occupations - Nurses - Delegation of Tasks Letter of SupportWorkforce
SB 483
HB 264
Solid Waste Management - Organics Recycling and Waste Diversion - Food Residuals MonitorHospital Operations
SB 486
HB 581
Labor and Employment - Employment Standards During an Emergency (Maryland Essential Workers' Protection Act) OpposeCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 491 Budget Bill (Fiscal Year 2022) Support w/AmendmentsOperating Budget
SB 492
HB 590
Creation of a State Debt - Maryland Consolidated Capital Bond Loan of 2021, and the Maryland Consolidated Capital Bond Loans of 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 SupportCapital Budget
SB 493
HB 589
Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act of 2021 Support w/AmendmentsOperating Budget
SB 496
HB 612
Recovery for the Economy, Livelihoods, Industries, Entrepreneurs, and Families (RELIEF) Act MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
Operating Budget
SB 500
HB 970
Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact Letter of SupportBehavioral Health
SB 504 Discrimination in Employment - Use of Medical Cannabis - Prohibition MonitorLabor
Medical Cannabis
SB 514
HB 565
Health Facilities - Hospitals - Medical Debt Protection Support as AmendedCost Transparency
SB 520
HB 1243
Behavioral Health Services and Voluntary Placement Agreements - Children and Young Adults - Report Modifications MonitorBehavioral Health
Children & Youth
SB 522
HB 470
Public Health - Commission on Universal Health Care Letter of InformationInsurance
SB 543 Insurance - Health Care Sharing Ministries - Exemption Letter of InformationInsurance
SB 557
HB 442
Suicide Treatment Improvements Act Letter of ConcernBehavioral Health
SB 563
HB 1123
Local Health Departments - Funding Letter of SupportCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
Public Health
Local Health Department
SB 565
HB 309
Public Health - Data - Race and Ethnicity Information SupportHealth Equity & Social Determinants
SB 567
HB 731
Telehealth Services - Expansion Letter of SupportBehavioral Health
SB 568
HB 732
Health Care Practitioners - Telehealth - Out-of-State Health Care Practitioners Letter of InformationBehavioral Health
SB 570
HB 737
Emergency Services - Exposure to Contagious Diseases and Viruses - Notification and Other Requirements MonitorEmergency Medical Services
COVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 571
HB 736
Interstate Licensed Professional Counselors Compact Letter of SupportWorkforce
SB 579 Health Care Facilities - Restrooms - Requirements Oppose
SB 592
HB 258
State Child Welfare System - Reporting MonitorMaternal & Child Health
SB 594 Labor and Employment - Maryland Healthy Working Families Act - Verification MonitorLabor
SB 598
HB 790
Procurement - Office of Small, Minority, and Women Business Affairs - Small Business Reserve Program and Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprise Program MonitorProcurement
SB 615
HB 819
Pharmacy Benefits Managers - Prohibited Actions MonitorPharmacy/Rx Drugs
SB 621
HB 634
Association Health Coverage Plans Monitor
SB 623
HB 425
Criminal Law - Crimes Involving Computers Letter of InformationCybersecurity
SB 638
HB 919
Maryland Insurance Commissioner - Specialty Mental Health Services and Payment of Claims - Enforcement Letter of Information
SB 639 Maryland Technology Development Corporation - Inclusion Fund - Establishment MonitorHealth Equity & Social Determinants
SB 646
HB 1287
Alcohol and Drug Counseling - Alcohol and Drug Trainees - Practice Through Telehealth MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 647 Federal COVID-19 Relief Funding - Report Monitor
SB 649
HB 1348
Procurement - MBE Program Compliance Review and Oversight MonitorProcurement
SB 674
HB 1207
Environment - Commission on Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities - Reform MonitorHealth Equity & Social Determinants
SB 684
HB 758
Maryland Licensure of Certified Midwives Act Letter of SupportMaternal & Child Health
SB 685 Insurance Law - Application to Direct Primary Care Agreements - Exclusion MonitorInsurance
SB 690 Public Information Act - Inspection of Records From Body-Worn Digital Recording Devices MonitorViolence Prevention
SB 708 Cannabis - Legalization and Regulation MonitorMedical Cannabis
SB 712 Vehicle Laws - Protective Headgear Requirement for Motorcycle Riders - Exception Letter of ConcernPublic Health
SB 719
HB 812
2-1-1 Maryland - Mental Health Services Phone Call Program (The Thomas Bloom Raskin Act) MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 725
HB 1247
Workers? Compensation - Occupational Disease Presumptions - COVID-19 MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 728
HB 923
Labor and Employment - Worker Safety and Health - Injury and Illness Prevention Program Letter of ConcernCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 729
HB 780
Maryland Health Benefit Exchange - State-Based Young Adult Health Insurance Subsidies Pilot Program Letter of SupportInsurance
SB 736
HB 1040
Health Occupations - Pharmacists - Administration of Children's Vaccines - Study and Temporary Authority MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 741
HB 836
COVID-19 Testing, Contact Tracing, and Vaccination Act of 2021 SupportCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 748
HB 1022
Public Health - State Designated Exchange - Clinical Information Letter of SupportHealth Information Technology
SB 756 Workers? Compensation - Occupational Disease Presumptions - COVID-19 OpposeCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 758
HB 1021
Health Insurance - Incentive Arrangements - Authorization MonitorInsurance
SB 777
HB 1349
Public Health - Maryland Prenatal and Infant Care Grant Program Fund Letter of SupportChildren & Youth
Maternal & Child Health
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 780
HB 1003
States of Emergency - Emergency Procurement and Budget Amendments - Notice and Authorization MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 795 Oversight Committee on Quality Care in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities - Membership and Cochairs MonitorPost-Acute Care
Task Force/Work Group
SB 796 Maryland Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities and Maryland Health Care Commission - Reporting Requirements Letter of SupportHealth Equity & Social Determinants
SB 804
HB 1127
Garrett County - Memorial Hospital - Board Membership and Meetings MonitorHospital Operations
SB 806
HB 986
Labor and Employment - Workplace Fraud Act - Rebuttable Presumption of the Employer-Employee Relationship Chamber/MonitorChamber
SB 808 Health Occupations - Licensed Dentists - Administration of Vaccines MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 812 Workers' Compensation - Occupational Disease Presumptions - COVID-19 OpposeCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 813
HB 1199
Workers' Compensation - Occupational Disease Presumptions - COVID-19 OpposeCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 815
HB 881
Mental Health Facilities - Sexual Abuse and Harassment - Reporting and Prevention MonitorBehavioral Health
Sexual Assault & Human Trafficking
SB 828 HIV Prevention Drugs - Dispensing by Pharmacists and Insurance Requirements MonitorHIV/AIDS
Sexual Assault & Human Trafficking
SB 829
HB 1091
State Procurement - Emergency and Expedited Procurements - Revisions and Reporting MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 830
HB 1148
Secretary of Health - School-Based Health Centers - Guidelines and Administration of Grants MonitorSchool-Based Health Centers
SB 837 Health - Advance Care Planning and Advance Directives Support w/AmendmentsHealth Information & Advance Directives
SB 857
HB 1280
Health - Maryland Behavioral Health and Public Safety Center of Excellence - Establishment MonitorSexual Assault & Human Trafficking
Violence Prevention
SB 860 Workers' Compensation - COVID-19 Occupational Disease Presumption - Public School Employees MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 865 Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Emergency Service Transporters - Reimbursement MonitorEmergency Medical Services
SB 881 Income Tax - Work Opportunity Tax Credit MonitorTaxes/Tax Credits
SB 891
HB 1112
Public Health - Maternal and Child Mortality - Review and Perinatal Hospice Services MonitorMaternal & Child Health
SB 893 Unemployment - Insurance Revisions and Special Enrollment Period for Health Benefits Letter of SupportCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 896 Workgroup on the COVID-19 Crisis Economic Recovery MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
Task Force/Work Group
SB 905
HB 1121
Juvenile Services - Workgroup to Develop Evidence-Based, Research-Based, and Culturally Competent Practices MonitorChildren & Youth
Task Force/Work Group
SB 909 Capital Projects - Minority Business Enterprise Goals Letter of ConcernCapital Budget
Hospital Operations
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 911 Unlawful Employment Practice - Statute of Limitations and Remedies MonitorLabor
SB 912 Maryland Wage and Hour Law and Maryland Wage Payment and Collection Law - Antiretaliation Provisions MonitorLabor
SB 923 Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Eligibility Support w/AmendmentsMedicaid
Maternal & Child Health
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 928
HB 1344
Mental Health Law - Reform of Laws and Delivery of Service MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 938
HB 1006
Health Occupations - Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses - Temporary Licensure, Certification, and Registration Letter of SupportWorkforce
Health Occupation Boards
SB 959
HB 1366
Education - Residential Boarding Programs for At-Risk Youth - Expansion MonitorBehavioral Health
Children & Youth
SB 961
HB 1379
Consortium on Collective Impact for Student and Family Well-Being - Renaming and Revisions MonitorOperating Budget
Behavioral Health
Children & Youth
SB 965
HB 1372
Blueprint for Maryland's Future - Revisions MonitorOperating Budget
Children & Youth
HB 14 Pharmacists - Prescription Drug and Device Labels - Expiration Dates MonitorPharmacy/Rx Drugs
HB 29 Health - Standards for Involuntary Admissions and Petitions for Emergency Evaluation - Substance Use Disorder Letter of ConcernBehavioral Health
HB 43 Department of Information Technology - Office of Broadband and Joint Committee on Broadband MonitorTelehealth
HB 124 Occupational Safety and Health Standards to Protect Employees - Aerosol Transmissible Diseases and COVID-19 Letter of ConcernWorkforce
HB 152 Law Enforcement - Department of State Police - Body-Worn Cameras MonitorViolence Prevention
HB 162 Prescription Drug Affordability Board - Upper Payment Limits and Reports MonitorPharmacy/Rx Drugs
HB 187 Public Safety - Law Enforcement - Body-Worn Cameras MonitorViolence Prevention
HB 228 University of Maryland Medical System - Applicability of the Public Information Act and Open Meetings Act Letter of Concern
HB 235 Correctional Services - Pregnant Incarcerated Individuals - Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment MonitorBehavioral Health
Maternal & Child Health
HB 276 Congregate Care Facilities - Visitation Support w/AmendmentsQuality/Patient Safety
HB 350 Labor and Employment - Maryland Healthy Working Families Act - Verification MonitorWorkforce
HB 390 University of Maryland - Harford Memorial Hospital Closure - Economic Impact Study MonitorHospital Operations
HB 462 Residential Rehabilitation Programs - Reporting of Critical Incidents MonitorBehavioral Health
HB 534 Public Health - Healthy Maryland Program - Establishment Letter of InformationInsurance
HB 588 Budget Bill (Fiscal Year 2022) Support w/AmendmentsOperating Budget
HB 653 Joint Committee on Workforce Development Letter of SupportWorkforce
HB 670 Maryland Police Accountability Act of 2021 - Police Discipline and Law Enforcement Programs and Procedures MonitorLaw Enforcement/Justice Reform
HB 765 Workers? Compensation - Occupational Disease Presumptions - Novel Coronavirus (Essential Workers? Compensation Act) OpposeCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
HB 809 Public Safety - Use of Force De-Escalation Training of Law Enforcement Officers - Reports MonitorViolence Prevention
HB 849 Public Health - Medical Records - Fees Support w/AmendmentsHospital Operations
HB 850 Higher Education - Maryland Corps Program Fund - COVID-19 Emergency Funding Priorities Letter of SupportCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
HB 870 Maryland General and Limited Power of Attorney Act - Assistance With Governmental Benefits and Programs MonitorGuardianship
HB 903 Task Force to Study the Maryland Public Guardianship Program Letter of SupportGuardianship
Task Force/Work Group
HB 915 Workgroup on Black, Latino, Asian American Pacific Islander, and Other Underrepresented Behavioral Health Professionals Letter of SupportWorkforce
Health Equity & Social Determinants
HB 925 Workgroup on Medical Cannabis Use by Pregnant and Nursing Women MonitorMaternal & Child Health
Medical Cannabis
HB 936 Hospitals and Freestanding Medical Facilities - Closing or Partial Closing - Public Notice Letter of ConcernHospital Operations
HB 983 Nursing Homes - COVID-19 and Other Catastrophic Health Emergencies - Visitation (The Gloria Daytz Lewis Act) MonitorPost-Acute Care
HB 1010 Prince George's County - Payment in Lieu of Taxes Agreements - Low-Income Housing PG 415-21 MonitorTaxes/Tax Credits
Health Equity & Social Determinants
HB 1032 Health Occupations - Licensed Direct-Entry Midwives - Previous Cesarean Section OpposeMaternal & Child Health
HB 1034 Prescription Drug Affordability Board - Plan of Action - Repeal of Date for Submission MonitorPharmacy/Rx Drugs
HB 1041 Health Occupations Boards - Uniform Reporting MonitorWorkforce
Health Occupation Boards
HB 1043 Local Health Services - Funding and Infrastructure Letter of SupportCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
Local Health Department
HB 1045 Labor and Employment - Elective Medical Procedures - Employee Protections MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
HB 1055 Capital Budget - Legislative Initiatives - Alterations MonitorCapital Budget
HB 1106 Civil Actions - Immunity From Liability - COVID-19 Exposure MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
Medical Liability
HB 1107 Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Supplemental Rebate Program - Subscription Model for Hepatitis C Therapies MonitorPublic Health
HB 1110 Criminal Law - Felony Second-Degree Assault - Emergency Medical Care Workers Letter of InformationWorkforce
Violence Prevention
HB 1118 Health Care Facilities - Discrimination MonitorHospital Operations
HB 1119 Public Health - Sickle Cell Trait - Public Awareness (Journey's Law) MonitorPublic Health
HB 1125 Prescription Drug Monitoring Program - Prescribers of Opioids - Notification Requirement MonitorBehavioral Health
Pharmacy/Rx Drugs
HB 1150 Health - Authority of the Secretary of Health and Medical Information MonitorHealth Information & Advance Directives
HB 1167 Maryland Nondiscrimination in Health Care Coverage Act MonitorInsurance
HB 1171 Labor and Employment - Maryland Employee Protection Plan for Vaccine Refusal Letter of ConcernCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
HB 1202 Hospitals and Birth Centers - COVID-19 Visitation Policies - Doulas Letter of ConcernCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
Maternal & Child Health
HB 1210 Corporate Diversity - Board, Executive Leadership, and Mission Letter of SupportGovernance & Boards
HB 1212 Workgroup to Study Enhanced Opportunities for Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Individuals in the State MonitorTask Force/Work Group
HB 1233 Correctional Services - Inmates - Intake and Release Requirements (Reentry Success Act of 2021) Letter of SupportLaw Enforcement/Justice Reform
HB 1258 Health Enterprise Zones - Established (Restoring the Promise Act of 2021) MonitorHealth Equity & Social Determinants
HB 1263 Maryland Department of Health - COVID-19 Vaccination Plan MonitorMaryland Department of Health (MDH)
COVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
HB 1276 Maryland Emergency Management Agency - Emergency Planning and Management Cultural Competency - Study MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
HB 1296 Public School Students - Daily Physical Activity (Student Health and Fitness Act) Letter of InformationPublic Health
HB 1325 Food Insecurity Zones - State Legislative Districts - Reports Letter of SupportHealth Equity & Social Determinants
HB 1374 Prior Authorizations of State Debt - Alterations SupportCapital Budget
HB 1375 Health Information Exchanges - Electronic Health Information - Sharing and Disclosure MonitorHealth Information Technology