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2022 Legislative Session - Updated October 4
These are the bills MHA has taken a position on during the 2021 legislative session. Browse by Senate or House bill number, by position taken, or by category. To see upcoming hearing dates, current bill status and MHA testimony, click on the bill?s assigned category. Testimony will be uploaded after the hearing date.



SJ 2
HJ 2
Legislative Districting Plan of 2022 Monitor
SJ 3
HJ 1
Maryland Citizens' Legislative Districting Plan of 2022 Monitor
SB 2
HB 32
Mental Health Law - Petitions for Emergency Evaluation - Electronic Record SupportBehavioral Health
SB 3
HB 297
Facilities - Disabilities, Juveniles, Behavioral Health, and Health Care - Plans MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 8 Task Force to Study the Need for Enhanced Monitoring of Guardians of Vulnerable Minors MonitorChildren & Youth
Task Force/Work Group
SB 9 Procurement - Minority Business Enterprises - Study MonitorMinority Business
SB 10 Workers' Compensation - COVID-19 Occupational Disease Presumption OpposeCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 12
HB 129
Behavioral Health Crisis Response Services and Public Safety Answering Points - Modifications MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 19
HB 229
Pharmacists - Administration of Injectable Medications for Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections MonitorPharmacy/Rx Drugs
Scope of Practice
SB 23
HB 141
Equity in Transportation Sector - Guidelines and Analyses Letter of SupportHealth Equity & Social Determinants
SB 27
HB 166
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia - Council and Coordination of Services (Dementia Services Act of 2022) MonitorAging
SB 31 Public Information Act - Inspection of Records From Body-Worn Digital Recording Devices MonitorLaw Enforcement/Justice Reform
SB 48
HB 14
Health - Advance Care Planning and Advance Directives MonitorEnd of Life Care
SB 62
HB 28
Pharmacists - Nicotine Replacement Therapy Medication MonitorPharmacy/Rx Drugs
Scope of Practice
SB 66 Labor and Employment - Hiring - Education Requirements (Give Me A Chance - Job Opportunities Act of 2022) Chamber/MonitorWorkforce
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 77 Health Occupations Boards - Investigations - Right to Counsel MonitorWorkforce
SB 78
HB 72
Maryland Wage and Hour Law and Maryland Wage Payment and Collection Law - Revisions (Maryland Wage Protection Act) Chamber/MonitorChamber
SB 82 Certified Nursing Assistants - Licensing Requirements Letter of ConcernWorkforce
SB 94
HB 48
Public Health - Maryland Suicide Fatality Review Committee MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 106
HB 345
Baltimore City and Prince George's County - Grant Funding - Violence Prevention and Community Service MonitorViolence Prevention
SB 111 Occupational Licenses or Certificates - Pre-application Determinations - Criminal Convictions MonitorWorkforce
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 114
HB 391
False Claims - Civil Penalties or Damages - Authorization to Recover and Exceptions to General Fund Deposit by Comptroller MonitorCost Transparency
SB 144 Health - Authorization to Prescribe and Administer Amygdalin - Repeal MonitorClinical
Pharmacy/Rx Drugs
SB 150
HB 6
Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Dental Coverage for Adults Letter of SupportMedicaid
SB 154 Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Compact Letter of SupportWorkforce
SB 159
HB 462
Health Occupations - Authorized Prescribers - Financial Reporting Letter of ConcernWorkforce
SB 166
HB 765
Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Doula Services - Coverage Support as AmendedMaternal & Child Health
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 167 Maryland Insurance Administration - Enforcement Authority - Payment of Claims MonitorInsurance
SB 168 Department of Health - ImmuNet and Statewide Advisory Commission on Immunizations MonitorPublic Health
SB 173
HB 106
Health Insurance - Nonprofit Health Service Plan - Board of Directors MonitorInsurance
SB 174 Mortality and Quality Review Committee - Duties, Reports, and Data - Sunset Extension MonitorTask Force/Work Group
SB 180 Insurance - Conformity With Federal Law - The No Surprises Act and Other Provisions of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 MonitorInsurance
SB 186 Maryland AIDS Drug Assistance Program Fund MonitorHIV/AIDS
SB 192 State Procurement - Minority Business Enterprise Program - Reauthorization Extension MonitorMinority Business
SB 196 Maryland Department of Health - Overdose Report MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 200 Public Health - Prescription Drug Monitoring Program - Naloxone Medication Data MonitorBehavioral Health
Pharmacy/Rx Drugs
SB 203 Children in Need of Assistance - Custody and Guardianship and Review Hearings Monitor
SB 205 Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning - Apprenticeship and Training Council - Sunset Extension MonitorWorkforce
Task Force/Work Group
SB 207 Insurance Carriers and Managed Care Organizations - Cybersecurity Standards MonitorInsurance
SB 224
HB 299
Labor and Employment - Employment Standards and Conditions - Definition of Employer Chamber/MonitorLabor
SB 230
HB 112
Health Occupations - Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses - Temporary Licensure, Certification, Registration, and Permitting Letter of SupportWorkforce
SB 241
HB 293
Behavioral Health Crisis Response Services - 9-8-8 Trust Fund Letter of Support
SB 242
HB 109
Maryland Department of Health - System for Newborn Screening - Requirements MonitorMaryland Department of Health (MDH)
Children & Youth
Maternal & Child Health
SB 243
HB 287
Secretary of Health - Professional Qualification Requirement MonitorMaryland Department of Health (MDH)
SB 244
HB 534
Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring Letter of InformationClinical
Public Health
SB 250
HB 325
State Procurement - Payment Practices MonitorProcurement
SB 253
HB 353
Maryland Health Care Commission - User Fee Assessments Letter of InformationHealth Information Technology
Maryland Health Care Commission
SB 259
HB 611
Procurement - Prevailing Wage - Applicability MonitorProcurement
Capital Projects
SB 263
HB 661
Health - Food Service Facilities - Beverage Options With Children's Meals MonitorChildren & Youth
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 269
HB 375
Open Meetings Act - Application and Enhanced Requirements (Maryland State Agency Transparency Act of 2022) Monitor
SB 275
HB 8
Labor and Employment - Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program - Establishment (Time to Care Act of 2022) Chamber/MonitorChamber
SB 280
HB 296
Temporary Protective Orders - Electronic Filing and Video Conferencing Hearings Letter of InformationSexual Assault & Human Trafficking
Violence Prevention
SB 282 Workgroup on Screening Related to Adverse Childhood Experiences Letter of SupportChildren & Youth
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 290
HB 300
Budget Bill (Fiscal Year 2023) Support w/AmendmentsOperating Budget
SB 291
HB 301
Creation of a State Debt - Maryland Consolidated Capital Bond Loan of 2022, and the Maryland Consolidated Capital Bond Loans of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 Support w/AmendmentsCapital Budget
SB 295
HB 44
Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Emergency Service Transporters - Reimbursement Letter of SupportEmergency Medical Services
SB 298
HB 267
Criminal Law - Threat Against Public Health Official or Hospital Staff Member SupportViolence Prevention
SB 302
HB 248
Legionnaires' Disease Prevention Act Letter of InformationClinical
Public Health
SB 305
HB 260
State Board of Physicians - Dispensing Permits MonitorWorkforce
SB 306
HB 219
Dental Hygienists - Consultation Requirements - Health Care Practitioners Monitor
SB 311
HB 790
Health Occupations - Podiatric Physicians MonitorWorkforce
Scope of Practice
SB 312 Health Occupations - Nurse Anesthetists - Drug Authority and Collaboration MonitorWorkforce
Scope of Practice
SB 313
HB 244
Civil Actions - Damages - Use of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Data MonitorMedical Liability
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 318
HB 652
More Opportunities for Career-Focused Students Act of 2022 MonitorWorkforce
SB 323
HB 578
Public Health - Medications to Treat an Opioid Use Disorder - Preferred and Nonpreferred Medications MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 330
HB 761
County Boards of Health and Baltimore City Health Department - Procedures and Appeals Process MonitorLocal Health Department
SB 331
HB 245
Program for Preventing HIV Infection for Rape Victims - Alterations and Repeal of Sunset SupportHIV/AIDS
Sexual Assault & Human Trafficking
SB 350
HB 1005
Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Community Violence Prevention Services SupportViolence Prevention
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 353
HB 1397
Health Insurance - Prescription Insulin Drugs - Limits on Copayment and Coinsurance (Insulin Cost Reduction Act) Letter of InformationInsurance
SB 355 HIV Prevention Drugs - Prescribing and Dispensing by Pharmacists and Insurance Requirements MonitorHIV/AIDS
SB 357
HB 589
Adult Protective Services - Workgroup to Study Best Practices for a Vulnerable Adult Registry in Maryland MonitorViolence Prevention
Task Force/Work Group
SB 358 Public Financing Act - State Senate and House of Delegates MonitorCampaign Finance
SB 374
HB 439
Workers' Compensation - Occupational Disease Presumptions - 9-1-1 Specialists MonitorLabor
SB 380
HB 49
Public Health - Emergency and Allergy Treatment Program - Nurse Practitioners MonitorWorkforce
Scope of Practice
SB 385
HB 643
Health - Disclosure of Medical Records - Penalty OpposeHealth Information & Advance Directives
SB 386
HB 180
Interstate Medical Licensure Compact - Sunset Extension and Reporting SupportWorkforce
SB 390
HB 419
State Government - Information Technology - Cybersecurity MonitorCybersecurity
SB 394
HB 408
Statewide Targeted Overdose Prevention (STOP) Act of 2022 Letter of Information
SB 395
HB 413
Health Insurance - Individual Market Stabilization - Extension of Provider Fee Letter of SupportInsurance
SB 398
HB 421
Out-of-State Health Care Practitioners - Provision of Behavioral Health Services via Telehealth - Authorization Letter of ConcernBehavioral Health
SB 406 Annual Corrective Bill MonitorOperating Budget
SB 407
HB 407
Health Occupations - Health Care Staffing Shortage Emergency - Declaration and Licensing and Practice Requirements (Health Care Heroes Act of 2022) SupportWorkforce
SB 433
HB 501
Labor and Employment - Workers' Compensation Claims - Fees for Legal Services MonitorLabor
SB 440
HB 625
Commission to Study the Health Care Workforce Crisis in Maryland - Establishment SupportWorkforce
SB 460
HB 517
Health - Insurance Coverage Information MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 480
HB 89
State Department of Education - Child Care Stabilization Grants MonitorHealth Equity & Social Determinants
SB 486
HB 572
Places of Public Accommodation and Public Buildings - Gender-Inclusive Signage MonitorHospital Operations
SB 487
HB 389
Procurement - Minority Business Enterprises - Revisions MonitorMinority Business
SB 488
HB 364
Sales and Use Tax - Medical Devices and Products - Exemption MonitorHospital Operations
SB 493
HB 610
Public Health - Commission on Universal Health Care Letter of InformationInsurance
Task Force/Work Group
SB 503
HB 669
Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Doula Services - Coverage Letter of SupportMedicaid
Maternal & Child Health
SB 505
HB 731
Department of Aging - Dementia Care Coordinator and Dementia Care Navigators MonitorAging
SB 506
HB 725
Children - Therapeutic Child Care Grant Program - Establishment Letter of SupportBehavioral Health
Children & Youth
SB 508
HB 808
Estates and Trusts - Guardianship of Minors - Appointment by Court MonitorGuardianship
Children & Youth
SB 509
HB 481
Drug Paraphernalia for Administration - Decriminalization MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 513
HB 276
Health Occupations - Clinical Nurse Specialists - Prescribing Authority MonitorWorkforce
SB 518
HB 821
Career Pathways for Health Care Workers Program Support w/AmendmentsWorkforce
SB 523
HB 533
Health Occupations - Licenses, Certificates, and Registration - Immigrants Letter of SupportWorkforce
SB 528 Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022 Chamber/MonitorHospital Operations
SB 531
HB 636
Maryland Health Care Commission - Assisted Living Programs - Study MonitorMaryland Health Care Commission
Task Force/Work Group
SB 540
HB 598
Higher Education - Transfer Platform - Established (Transfer With Success Act 2.0) MonitorWorkforce
SB 547 Public Health - Prohibition on Transfer of Human Immunodeficiency Virus - Repeal MonitorHIV/AIDS
Public Health
SB 548
HB 609
Local Health Officers - Removal - Process MonitorPublic Health
SB 549
HB 715
Administrative Services Organizations - Requirements for Retraction, Repayment, or Mitigation of Claims Letter of SupportBehavioral Health
SB 552
HB 695
Environment - Climate Crisis Plan - Requirement (Better Together to Save Our Weather Act of 2022) MonitorEnvironment
SB 555
HB 292
Occupational Licensing Boards and Commission on Judicial Disabilities - Reporting Disciplinary Activities MonitorWorkforce
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 558
HB 162
Public Safety - Law Enforcement - Body-Worn Cameras MonitorViolence Prevention
Law Enforcement/Justice Reform
SB 559
HB 529
Estates and Trusts - Supported Decision Making Letter of InformationGuardianship
Developmental Disabilities
Behavioral Health
SB 565
HB 800
Public Safety - Emergency Management - Price Gouging Consumer Protections SupportWorkforce
SB 568
HB 786
Health Records and Reporting of Overdoses - Limitations on Use in Criminal Investigation or Prosecution MonitorBehavioral Health
Health Information & Advance Directives
SB 574 Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Fund - Annual Funding and Extension MonitorOrgan and Tissue Donation
SB 575
HB 783
Public Schools - Mold Assessment and Remediation Letter of InformationPublic Health
Children & Youth
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 576
HB 665
Public Schools - Air Quality Testing - Posting Online Letter of InformationChildren & Youth
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 590
HB 1392
Public Health - Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System - Requirements MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 591
HB 915
Maryland Health Care Commission - Patient Safety Center - Designation and Fund SupportMaryland Health Care Commission
Quality/Patient Safety
SB 600
HB 544
Health Facilities - Residential Service Agencies - Reporting Requirement MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 605 Medical Malpractice - Collateral Sources SupportMedical Liability
SB 607
HB 906
Health Equity Resource Communities - Modifications Letter of InformationHealth Equity & Social Determinants
SB 608
HB 39
Report on the Public or Private Conversion of State Property to Affordable Housing MonitorTask Force/Work Group
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 620 Higher Education - Articulation Agreements and Transfer Procedures - Workgroup Study (Maryland Articulation and Transfer Act) MonitorHigher Education
Task Force/Work Group
SB 621
HB 675
Health Insurance - Changes to Coverage, Benefits, and Drug Formularies - Timing MonitorInsurance
SB 626
HB 1464
Maryland Loan Assistance Repayment Program for Physicians and Physician Assistants - Alterations SupportWorkforce
SB 632
HB 709
Maryland Health Benefit Exchange - Small Business and Nonprofit Health Insurance Subsidies Program - Workgroup Letter of SupportHealth Benefit Exchange
SB 634 Health Insurance - Home Test Kits for Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Required Coverage Monitor
SB 637
HB 935
Health and Health Insurance - Behavioral Health Services - Expansion (Behavioral Health System Modernization Act) Letter of SupportBehavioral Health
SB 643
HB 962
Commercial Law - Maryland Personal Information Protection Act - Revisions MonitorHealth Information Technology
SB 656
HB 766
Children - Residential Treatment Centers - Education Funding Letter of SupportBehavioral Health
Children & Youth
SB 659
HB 684
Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Psychiatric Inpatient Care - Admissions Restrictions (Psychiatric Hospital Admissions Equity Act) Letter of SupportMedicaid
Behavioral Health
SB 661 Pharmacists - Status as Health Care Providers and Study on Reimbursement MonitorPharmacy/Rx Drugs
Scope of Practice
SB 669
HB 626
Pregnant Person's Freedom Act of 2022 MonitorAbortion
Maternal & Child Health
SB 676
HB 659
Firearm Safety - Storage Requirements and Youth Suicide Prevention (Jaelynn's Law) MonitorBehavioral Health
Public Health
Children & Youth
SB 677 Maryland Health Care Commission - Nursing Homes - Reporting MonitorMaryland Health Care Commission
Post-Acute Care
SB 682
HB 746
Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Gender-Affirming Treatment (Trans Health Equity Act of 2022) MonitorInsurance
SB 683 Renewable Energy for Nonprofit Organizations Loan Program MonitorNon-profit
SB 689
HB 755
Pharmacy Benefits Managers - Prohibited Actions MonitorPharmacy/Rx Drugs
SB 690
HB 1014
Pharmacy Benefits Managers - Definitions of Carrier, ERISA, and Purchaser MonitorPharmacy/Rx Drugs
SB 691 Juvenile Justice Reform MonitorChildren & Youth
Violence Prevention
SB 692 Cannabis - Legalization and Regulation (Cannabis Legalization and Reparations for the War on Drugs Act) MonitorMedical Cannabis
SB 694
HB 990
Estates and Trusts - Guardianship of the Property of Disabled Persons - Court-Appointed Attorneys MonitorGuardianship
SB 696
HB 975
Maryland Loan Assistance Repayment for Nurses and Nursing Support Staff - Program Establishment and Funding SupportWorkforce
SB 700
HB 1389
Maryland Department of Health - Prevent Workplace Violence in Health Care Settings Public Awareness Campaign Workgroup SupportWorkforce
Violence Prevention
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 707
HB 912
Health Insurance - Provider Panels - Coverage for Nonparticipation Letter of SupportInsurance
Campaign Finance
SB 708 Maryland Department of Health - Office of the Inspector General MonitorProcurement
SB 709
HB 1367
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury Alternative Therapies Fund - Establishment (David Perez Military Heroes Act (End 22 a Day)) MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 716 Maryland Health Care Workers Loan Assistance Program - Establishment and Funding Letter of SupportWorkforce
SB 721
HB 698
Labor and Employment - State Minimum Wage Rate - Acceleration Chamber/MonitorChamber
SB 728
HB 1035
Health Insurance - Qualified Resident State Subsidy Program (Access to Care Act) SupportInsurance
Post-Acute Care
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 734 Maryland Health Care Commission - Primary Care Report and Workgroup Letter of SupportInsurance
SB 740
HB 1412
Public Health - Parkinson's Disease Registry Advisory Committee - Established MonitorPublic Health
SB 743 Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Affordable Assisted Living Enhanced Care Pilot Program MonitorPost-Acute Care
SB 748
HB 1107
Maryland Sign Language Interpreters Act MonitorWorkforce
SB 754
HB 1202
Local Government Cybersecurity - Coordination and Operations (Local Cybersecurity Support Act of 2022) Monitor
SB 761
HB 1350
Funding for Wage Increases for Medical Provider Workers MonitorLabor
SB 764
HB 1377
Childhood Exposure to Violence - Health and Social Impacts - Public Awareness Campaign Workgroup Letter of SupportChildren & Youth
Violence Prevention
SB 767 Criminal Procedure - Human Trafficking - Vacatur and Expungement MonitorSexual Assault & Human Trafficking
SB 768
HB 833
Criminal Law - Victims of Child Sex Trafficking and Human Trafficking - Safe Harbor and Service Response MonitorSexual Assault & Human Trafficking
SB 776
HB 454
Correctional Services - Pregnancy and Postpartum Support (Prevention of Forced Infant Separation Act) MonitorMaternal & Child Health
SB 778
HB 1080
Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Children and Pregnant Women (Healthy Babies Equity Act) SupportMedicaid
Children & Youth
Maternal & Child Health
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 780 Cybersecurity Governance Act of 2022 MonitorCybersecurity
SB 781
HB 1018
Public Safety and Behavioral Health Improvement Act MonitorBehavioral Health
Violence Prevention
SB 782
HB 1424
Workgroup on the Post-COVID-19 Crisis Economic Transition MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
Task Force/Work Group
SB 787
HB 970
Managed Care Organizations and Health Insurance Carriers - Prior Authorization for HIV Postexposure Prophylaxis for Victims of Sexual Offenses - Prohibition Letter of SupportHIV/AIDS
SB 795
HB 1101
Community Colleges and Private Nonprofit Institutions of Higher Education - Funding MonitorHigher Education
SB 802 Maryland Consortium on Coordinated Community Supports - Membership and Coordinated Community Supports Partnership Fund - Revisions MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 804
HB 972
Continuing Care at Home - Certificate of Need - Exemption MonitorCertificate of Need
SB 807
HB 1017
Frederick County - Mental Health Law - Assisted Outpatient Treatment Pilot Program MonitorBehavioral Health
SB 808
HB 961
Health Occupations - Physician Assistants - Revisions MonitorWorkforce
SB 810
HB 1339
Cybersecurity - Critical Infrastructure and Public Service Companies (Critical Infrastructure Security Act of 2022) MonitorCybersecurity
SB 811
HB 1205
State Government - Information Technology and Cybersecurity-Related Infrastructure (Modernize Maryland Act of 2022) MonitorCybersecurity
SB 812
HB 1346
State Government - Cybersecurity - Coordination and Governance MonitorCybersecurity
SB 821 Medical Excellence Zone Compact SupportWorkforce
SB 823
HB 973
Pharmacy Services Administrative Organizations and Pharmacy Benefits Managers - Contracts MonitorPharmacy/Rx Drugs
SB 824
HB 1073
Health - Accessibility of Electronic Advance Care Planning Documents Letter of SupportHealth Information & Advance Directives
SB 833 Cannabis Reform MonitorWorkforce
Medical Cannabis
SB 834
HB 1148
Health Insurance - Two-Sided Incentive Arrangements and Capitated Payments - Authorization Letter of InformationInsurance
SB 839 Maryland Voluntary COVID-19 Vaccine Passport MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 840
HB 1084
COVID-19 Response Act of 2022 Letter of SupportCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 843
HB 1335
Perinatal Care - Drug and Alcohol Testing and Screening - Consent Support w/AmendmentsMaternal & Child Health
SB 856
HB 1004
Public Schools - Health Services - School Nurses MonitorWorkforce
Children & Youth
SB 857 Hospital Flu Vaccines MonitorLabor
SB 863
HB 981
Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Personal Care Aides - Reimbursement and Required Wage MonitorMedicaid
SB 865 Controlled Dangerous Substances and Treatment of Chronic Pain and Long-Term Oxygen Use Patients (Continuity of Care Act of 2022) MonitorClinical
Behavioral Health
SB 870
HB 1276
Baltimore City Youth Data Hub - Establishment MonitorBehavioral Health
Children & Youth
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 890
HB 937
Abortion Care Access Act MonitorAbortion
SB 891 Public Health - Medical Procedures - Parent or Guardian Notice (Maryland Parental Involvement Enhancement Act) MonitorConsent
Children & Youth
SB 893
HB 1013
Public Safety - Safer Communities Fund and Task Force - Establishment MonitorViolence Prevention
SB 899 Health Occupations Boards - Authority Over Staffing and Infrastructure Operations MonitorWorkforce
SB 917
HB 510
Health Care Facilities - Health Services Cost Review Commission - User Fee Assessment Letter of InformationHSCRC
SB 921
HB 1027
Food Supplement Benefits - Students - Eligibility (SNAP for Students) MonitorHealth Equity & Social Determinants
SB 937
HB 1029
Maryland Higher Education Commission - Access to Mental Health Advisory Committee - Establishment MonitorHigher Education
SB 943
HB 819
Public Health - COVID-19 and Other Influenza-Like Illnesses - Antibody Tests MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
SB 944
HB 694
Hospitals - Financial Assistance - Medical Bill Reimbursement Support w/AmendmentsCost Transparency
SB 956
HB 1409
Criminal Law - Threats to Public Officials MonitorViolence Prevention
SB 957
HB 456
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - State Supplement MonitorHealth Equity & Social Determinants
SB 961 Public Projects - Global Warming Potential of Materials (Buy Clean Maryland Act) MonitorEnvironment
SB 963
HB 1449
Governor's Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services - Executive Director - Appointment MonitorViolence Prevention
SB 971
HB 857
Education - Concentration of Poverty School Grant Program - School Lunch MonitorHealth Equity & Social Determinants
SB 972
HB 1252
Physicians and Allied Health Professions - Reorganization and Revisions MonitorWorkforce
SB 984
HB 1127
Public Health - State Designated Exchange - Health Data Utility Letter of SupportHealth Information Technology
SB 994
HB 1467
Public Health - Mental Health Advance Directives - Awareness and Statewide Database MonitorBehavioral Health
HB 17 Campaign Finance - Recurring Contributions and Donations - Requirements MonitorCampaign Finance
HB 25 Rehabilitation and Education for All Prisons (REAP) Act MonitorWorkforce
Health Equity & Social Determinants
HB 43 Department of General Services - Energy-Conserving Standards (Maryland Sustainable Buildings Act of 2022) MonitorCapital Projects
HB 50 Public Health - Abortion, Artificial Insemination, and Sterilization - Requirement MonitorAbortion
HB 56 Commission on Student Behavioral Health and Mental Health Treatment MonitorBehavioral Health
HB 59 Ethics - Local Governments - Registration of Lobbyists MonitorEthics
HB 66 Health Occupations - Licensed Direct-Entry Midwives - Previous Cesarean Section OpposeMaternal & Child Health
HB 78 Discrimination in Employment - Reasonable Accommodations for Applicants With Disabilities Chamber/MonitorDevelopmental Disabilities
HB 92 Maryland General and Limited Power of Attorney Act - Assistance With Governmental Benefits and Programs MonitorGuardianship
HB 96 Public Health - Nondiscrimination in Access to Anatomical Gifts and Organ Transplantation - Financial Status Letter of InformationOrgan and Tissue Donation
HB 97 Workgroup on Black, Latino, Asian American Pacific Islander, and Other Underrepresented Behavioral Health Professionals Letter of SupportWorkforce
Health Equity & Social Determinants
HB 118 Public Schools - Student Attendance - Excused Absences MonitorBehavioral Health
Children & Youth
HB 135 Environment - Single-Use Plastics - Restrictions MonitorHospital Operations
HB 173 State Board of Social Work Examiners - Temporary License to Practice Social Work Letter of SupportWorkforce
HB 177 9-1-1 Registry Program - Autism and Other Special Needs - Established MonitorBehavioral Health
HB 179 Workgroup on Food Environments Letter of SupportHealth Equity & Social Determinants
HB 190 Criminal Procedure - Medical Emergency - Immunity MonitorMedical Liability
HB 213 Health Information Exchanges - Definition and Privacy Regulations MonitorHealth Information Technology
HB 216 Washington County - Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Programs - Essential Caregivers MonitorPost-Acute Care
HB 218 Health Occupations - Nursing - Dialysis Technicians MonitorWorkforce
HB 235 Open Meetings Act - Definition - Administrative Function Monitor
HB 247 Insurance - Medicare Supplement Policies - Open Enrollment Period Following Birthday MonitorInsurance
HB 251 Consumer Protection - Maryland Consumer Reporting Act - Registration of Consumer Reporting Agencies and Regulations MonitorConsumer Protection
HB 255 Maryland Internship Opportunities Program - Creation and Income Tax Credit MonitorWorkforce
Health Equity & Social Determinants
HB 258 Employment Standards - Seating for Employees (Right to Sit Act of 2022) MonitorLabor
HB 286 Emergency Medical Services - Paramedics - Immunization Administration - Effective Date SupportWorkforce
HB 322 Courts - Judgments - Exemptions From Execution MonitorConsumer Protection
HB 338 Child Abuse and Neglect - Definition of Neglect MonitorChildren & Youth
HB 378 Maryland Health Care Commission - Palliative Care Services - Workgroup MonitorEnd of Life Care
Maryland Health Care Commission
Task Force/Work Group
HB 406 Children in Out-of-Home Placements - Placement in Medical Facilities Support w/AmendmentsChildren & Youth
HB 496 Labor and Employment - Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program - Establishment (Time to Care Act 2022) Chamber/MonitorChamber
HB 498 Election Law - Campaign Finance - Protection of Contributor Information MonitorCampaign Finance
HB 513 Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Support Services Program - Established MonitorBehavioral Health
Children & Youth
HB 536 Maryland Insurance Commissioner - Authority - Federal Health Emergency Letter of SupportCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
HB 549 Criminal Procedure - Criminal Injuries Compensation Board - Victim Compensation MonitorSexual Assault & Human Trafficking
HB 588 Community Action Agencies - Provision of Feminine Hygiene Products MonitorPublic Health
HB 612 Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Responsibilities and Reporting MonitorPublic Health
Reporting Bills
HB 614 Workers' Compensation - Medical Cannabis - Compensation and Benefits Chamber/MonitorLabor
Medical Cannabis
HB 623 Income Tax - Subtraction Modification - Essential Health Care Workers MonitorTaxes/Tax Credits
HB 627 Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Registered Behavior Technicians - Reimbursement MonitorMedicaid
Behavioral Health
HB 628 Employment - Workers' Compensation and Workplace Discrimination - Use of Medical Cannabis Chamber/MonitorLabor
Medical Cannabis
HB 648 Maryland Higher Education Outreach and College Access Program - Funding Monitor
HB 657 Public Schools - Standardized Behavioral Health Questionnaire for Students - Development and Implementation MonitorBehavioral Health
Children & Youth
School-Based Health Centers
HB 662 Advisory Stakeholder Group on Autism-Related Needs and the State Coordinator for Autism Strategy - Membership, Staffing, and Appointment MonitorBehavioral Health
Task Force/Work Group
HB 664 Child Care Programs - Maryland Infants and Toddlers Program - Information and Assistance Monitor
HB 668 Public Health - Removal of Health Officer MonitorPublic Health
HB 670 Maryland Health Care Commission - Study on Expansion of Interstate Telehealth Letter of SupportMaryland Health Care Commission
Task Force/Work Group
HB 699 Behavioral Health - Grief Counseling Services MonitorBehavioral Health
HB 708 Comprehensive Climate Solutions MonitorEnvironment
HB 717 Health Care Alternative Dispute Resolution Office - Authority of Director - Dispositive Issues of Law OpposeMedical Liability
HB 747 Maryland Health Care Commission - Nursing Homes - Audit MonitorMaryland Health Care Commission
Post-Acute Care
HB 752 Public Schools - School Psychologist Recruitment Program MonitorBehavioral Health
School-Based Health Centers
HB 760 States of Emergency and Catastrophic Health Emergencies - Renewals - Authorization by General Assembly or Legislative Policy Committee MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
HB 764 Department of Human Services - Missing Children in Out-of-Home Placements - Reporting MonitorPublic Health
Reporting Bills
HB 767 Emergency Procurement - Contracts - Term Length and Renewal MonitorProcurement
HB 775 Maryland Pediatric Cancer Fund - Establishment MonitorTaxes/Tax Credits
Children & Youth
HB 779 Vaccination Requirements - Provision of Services - Statement of Prior Viral Infection MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
Public Health
HB 792 Workgroup to Establish a Career Credential Jump Start Pilot Program MonitorWorkforce
Task Force/Work Group
HB 794 Public Health - Opioid Restitution Fund Advisory Council Monitor
HB 799 State and Local Government - COVID-19 - Vaccination by Choice Act MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
HB 820 Health Insurance - Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders - Modification of Coverage Requirements MonitorInsurance
Children & Youth
HB 831 Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Commercial and Residential Buildings Support w/AmendmentsEnvironment
HB 837 Cannabis Reform MonitorMedical Cannabis
HB 863 Courts - Expert Witnesses - Letter of Exception MonitorSexual Assault & Human Trafficking
HB 902 State Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists - Out-of-State Licensing Reciprocity - Study Letter of InformationWorkforce
HB 903 Maryland Nondiscrimination in Health Care Coverage Act MonitorInsurance
HB 908 Mental Health - Emergency Evaluations - Modification to Peace Officer Transport Requirement OpposeBehavioral Health
HB 916 Higher Education - Programs for Behavioral Health Professionals in Primary and Secondary Schools - Requirements and Grant Program MonitorBehavioral Health
HB 929 Department of Housing and Community Development - Opportunity Zone Fund - Establishment MonitorHealth Equity & Social Determinants
HB 944 Catastrophic Health Emergencies - Immunity From Civil Liability MonitorMedical Liability
HB 952 Access to Abortion Care and Health Insurance Act MonitorAbortion
HB 971 Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Substance Use Disorder Treatment - Network Adequacy MonitorMedicaid
Behavioral Health
HB 982 Health Occupations - Faith-Based Counseling - Exemption MonitorWorkforce
HB 983 Housing and Community Development - Expansion of Affordable Housing - County Grants MonitorCommunity Development
Health Equity & Social Determinants
HB 987 General Provisions - Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness Month Letter of SupportPublic Health
Health Equity & Social Determinants
HB 1000 Maryland Earn and Learn Act of 2022 - Establishment MonitorWorkforce
HB 1006 Pharmacy Benefits Managers - Network Adequacy, Credentialing, and Reimbursement MonitorPharmacy/Rx Drugs
HB 1007 Maryland Medical Assistance Program and Managed Care Organizations That Use Pharmacy Benefits Managers - Reimbursement Requirements MonitorPharmacy/Rx Drugs
HB 1008 Pharmacy Benefits Managers and Purchasers - Beneficiary Choice of Pharmacy MonitorPharmacy/Rx Drugs
HB 1009 Health Insurance - Pharmacy Benefits Managers - Reimbursement and Cost Sharing MonitorPharmacy/Rx Drugs
HB 1010 Children - Substance Abuse Court-Ordered Evaluations and Treatment MonitorBehavioral Health
HB 1015 Pharmacy Benefits Managers - Prohibitions Related to Reimbursement and Use of Specific Pharmacy Requirement - Application MonitorPharmacy/Rx Drugs
HB 1058 Justice and Public Health Prioritization Council Letter of SupportPublic Health
Health Equity & Social Determinants
HB 1077 Department of Housing and Community Development - Racial Equity Impact Assessment Letter of SupportHealth in All Policies
Health Equity & Social Determinants
HB 1082 Public Health - Consumer Health Information - Hub and Requirements Letter of SupportConsumer Protection
HB 1087 Opioid Restitution Fund - State-Subdivision Agreement and Grant Program MonitorBehavioral Health
HB 1111 Prescription Drug Monitoring Program - Prescribers of Opioids - Notification Requirement MonitorBehavioral Health
HB 1120 Correctional Services - Pregnant Incarcerated Individuals - Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment MonitorBehavioral Health
Maternal & Child Health
Health Equity & Social Determinants
HB 1128 Public Health - Secretary of Health - Indoor Masking Orders MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
HB 1130 Health Occupations - Prohibition on Expiration of Licenses, Certificates, Permits, and Registrations MonitorWorkforce
HB 1145 Education - Student Behavior - Parent Notice and Required Counseling (Parent Accountability Act) MonitorBehavioral Health
Children & Youth
HB 1154 Criminal Law - Felony Second-Degree Assault - Emergency Medical Care Workers Support w/AmendmentsViolence Prevention
HB 1160 Mental Health Law - Reform of Laws and Delivery of Service MonitorBehavioral Health
HB 1162 Campaign Finance - Collections by Membership Entities - Noncampaign Political Activity MonitorCampaign Finance
HB 1167 Public Health - Abortions - Coercion (Coercive Abuse Against Mothers Prevention Act) MonitorAbortion
HB 1169 Child Abuse and Neglect - Training of Health Care Professionals MonitorChildren & Youth
Violence Prevention
HB 1177 Courts - Expert Witnesses - Licensed Certified Social Workers-Clinical MonitorMedical Liability
HB 1178 Peace Orders and Protective Orders - Coercive Control MonitorViolence Prevention
HB 1185 Public Health - Sickle Cell Disease - Referral for Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound MonitorPublic Health
Health Equity & Social Determinants
HB 1188 Public Health - Sickle Cell Disease Letter of SupportPublic Health
Health Equity & Social Determinants
HB 1189 Public Health - Vaccines Administered Under Emergency Use Authorization - Reporting of Adverse Events MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
HB 1192 Maryland Health Care Commission - Studies of Issues Affecting Individuals With Sickle Cell Disease MonitorMaryland Health Care Commission
Public Health
Health Equity & Social Determinants
HB 1203 Labor and Employment - Private-Sector Employers - Right to Work MonitorLabor
HB 1208 Health Occupations - Health Care Workforce Expansion SupportWorkforce
HB 1214 Maryland Child Protection Act of 2022 MonitorAbortion
Children & Youth
HB 1219 Pharmacists - Status as Health Care Providers and Study on Reimbursement MonitorMedical Liability
Pharmacy/Rx Drugs
HB 1222 Public Health - Baltimore City Behavioral Health Crisis Incident Review Team MonitorBehavioral Health
HB 1243 Public Health - Rural Nonemergency Medical Transportation Program Letter of SupportEmergency Medical Services
HB 1244 Health Insurance - Lyme Disease and Related Tick-Borne Illnesses - Long-Term Antibiotic Treatment MonitorInsurance
Public Health
HB 1246 Child Abuse and Neglect - Reports and Records - Disclosure (Anderson's Law) MonitorChildren & Youth
HB 1267 State or Local Elected Officials and Governmental Entities - Face Covering Requirements - Prohibition MonitorCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
HB 1272 Employment - Wages - Deduction Prohibition MonitorLabor
HB 1274 Prescription Drugs - Pharmacy Benefits Managers - Federal 340B Program Letter of SupportPharmacy/Rx Drugs
HB 1275 Pharmacy Benefits Managers - Contracts With Pharmacy Services Administrative Organizations MonitorPharmacy/Rx Drugs
HB 1297 Labor and Employment - Elective Medical Procedures - Employee Protections MonitorLabor
HB 1317 Health - Informed Consent (Woman's Right to Know Act) MonitorAbortion
HB 1318 Health Occupations - Mental Health Services - Cultural Competency and Diversity SupportWorkforce
Health Equity & Social Determinants
HB 1321 Health - Abortions - Reporting Requirement MonitorAbortion
HB 1323 Victims of Sexual Abuse - Provision of Services - Technical Correction SupportSexual Assault & Human Trafficking
HB 1327 Education - Home and Hospital Teaching Program for Students - Report Letter of SupportChildren & Youth
HB 1329 Suicide Treatment Improvement Act Letter of ConcernBehavioral Health
HB 1342 Cannabis - Legalization and Regulation (Cannabis Legalization and Equity Act) MonitorMedical Cannabis
HB 1344 Workgroup to Study Extreme Risk Protective Orders (Sagar Ghimire Act) MonitorBehavioral Health
HB 1351 Health Facilities - Delegation of Inspection Authority - Related Institutions and Nursing Homes MonitorPost-Acute Care
HB 1353 Omnibus Procurement Reform Act ("OPRA") of 2022 MonitorProcurement
HB 1355 Health Insurance - Prescription Insulin Drugs - Limits on Copayment and Coinsurance MonitorInsurance
HB 1358 Health - Protection of Personal Medical Information MonitorHealth Information & Advance Directives
HB 1360 Public Health - Abortion-Inducing Drugs MonitorAbortion
HB 1364 Health Care Freedom of Conscience Act MonitorAbortion
HB 1379 Hospitals, Related Institutions, and Hospice Facilities - COVID-19 and Other Catastrophic Health Emergencies - Visitation Letter of InformationCOVID-19/Emergency Preparedness
HB 1401 Prince George's County - National Center for Victims of Crime - Funding MonitorViolence Prevention
HB 1402 Health Care Practitioners - Sexual Abuse - Reporting and Statute of Limitations MonitorSexual Assault & Human Trafficking
HB 1413 Child Support Enforcement - License Applications - Taxpayer Identification Number MonitorWorkforce