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2024 Legislative Session - Updated March 3
These are the bills MHA has taken a position on during the 2024 session. Browse by Senate or House bill number, by position taken, or by category. To see upcoming hearing dates, current bill status and MHA testimony, click on the bill's assigned category. Testimony will be uploaded after the hearing date.



SB 1
HB 267
Electricity and Gas - Retail Supply - Regulation and Consumer Protection Support w/AmendmentsEnvironment
SB 3 Health Occupations - Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses - Temporary Licensure, Certification, Registration, and Permitting Letter of Support
SB 33
HB 837
More Opportunities for Career-Focused Students Act of 2024 Letter of Support
SB 59 Safe Sleep for Infants - Awareness and Certification Support w/Amendments
SB 62
HB 355
Health Occupations - Licensed Direct-Entry Midwives - Previous Cesarean Section OpposeMaternal & Child Health
SB 88
HB 55
Maryland Commission on Veterans and Military Families Support w/AmendmentsWorkforce
SB 96
HB 24
Environment - Impact of Environmental Permits and State Agency Actions Letter of Support
SB 124
HB 400
Maryland Medical Assistance Program and Health Insurance - Annual Behavioral Health Wellness Visits - Coverage and Reimbursement Support
SB 137 Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship Program Workgroup Support
SB 153 Maryland Department of Transportation - Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Awareness, Training, and Response Letter of Information
SB 167
HB 806
Physician Assistants - Revisions (Physician Assistant Modernization Act of 2024) Letter of Support
SB 201 Public Health - Childbirth - Paternity Test Letter of Concern
SB 203
HB 7
Housing Innovation Pilot Program and Housing Innovation Fund - Establishment (Housing Innovation Pilot Program Act of 2024) Letter of SupportCommunity Development
Health Equity & Social Determinants
SB 204
HB 34
Interstate Social Work Licensure Compact Letter of Support
SB 210 Emergency Medical Services - Paramedics - Immunization Administration - Effective Date Letter of SupportEmergency Medical Services
SB 211
HB 119
Public Health - Giving Infants a Future Without Transmission (GIFT) Act Letter of Support
SB 212
HB 1048
Behavioral Health Advisory Council and Commission on Behavioral Health Care Treatment and Access - Alterations Letter of SupportBehavioral Health
SB 221
HB 146
Health Occupations Boards - Reciprocal Licensure and Certification Letter of Support
SB 246
HB 127
Public Health - Nonoccupational Postexposure Prophylaxis (nPEP) Standing Order Program - Establishment Support w/Amendments
SB 308
HB 241
Housing and Community Development - Just Community Designation Letter of Support
SB 332
HB 84
Hospitals and Urgent Care Centers - Sepsis Protocol (Lochlin's Law) Support w/Amendments
SB 359
HB 425
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Compact SupportWorkforce
SB 374
HB 380
State Emergency Medical Services Board - Licenses and Certificates - Application Requirements Letter of Support
SB 398
HB 482
Criminal Injuries Compensation Board - Victims of Nonfatal Strangulation Letter of Support
SB 412
HB 408
Mental Health Law - County Mental Health Advisory Committees - Membership Letter of Support
SB 418
HB 891
Seed Community Development Anchor Institution Fund - Alterations Support
SB 419
HB 377
Therapeutic Child Care Grant Program - Funding - Alterations Letter of Support
SB 439
HB 656
Family Law - Victims of Domestic Violence Program - Certification and Grant Fund Letter of Support
SB 453
HB 576
Mental Health - Emergency Evaluation and Involuntary Admission Procedures and Assisted Outpatient Treatment Programs Support w/Amendments
SB 472
HB 581
State Government - Permits, Licenses, and Certificates - Processing (Transparent Government Act of 2024) Support
SB 474
HB 579
Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity and Related Approvals - Definition of Generating Station (Critical Infrastructure Streamlining Act of 2024) Support
SB 475
HB 583
Center for Firearm Violence Prevention - Establishment Support
SB 482
HB 694
Governor's Office for Children - Engaging Neighborhoods, Organizations, Unions, Governments, and Households (ENOUGH) Grant Program (ENOUGH Act of 2024) Letter of Support
SB 483
HB 599
Maryland Community Investment Corporation - Establishment (Housing and Community Development Financing Act of 2024) Letter of Support
SB 511
HB 650
Labor and Employment - Apprenticeship Standards - Ratio of Apprentices to Journeypersons Support
SB 538
HB 83
Civil Actions - Noneconomic Damages - Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Letter of Concern
SB 550
HB 508
Children - Labor Trafficking Letter of Support
SB 630
HB 673
Real Property - Contract Liens - Medical Debt Letter of Concern
SB 661
HB 707
Public Safety - Law Enforcement - Use of Body-Worn Cameras Letter of Information
SB 694
HB 887
Maryland Department of Health - Health Commissions and Maryland Insurance Administration - Study Support
SB 701
HB 953
Maryland Health Benefit Exchange - State-Based Young Adult Health Insurance Subsidies Pilot Program - Amount of Annual Subsidies Letter of Support
SB 705
HB 728
Health Insurance - Qualified Resident Enrollment Program (Access to Care Act) Support
SB 708
HB 1499
Family Law - Kinship Care Letter of Support
SB 718 Maryland Pathway to Nursing Pilot Program and Advisory Committee - Establishment Support
SB 729
HB 1277
Security Guards - Use of Force Reporting - Health Care-Related Physical Interventions Support w/Amendments
SB 741
HB 771
Public Senior Higher Education Institutions - Pregnant and Parenting Students - Policy Requirements (Pregnant and Parenting Support Act) Support
SB 752
HB 794
Regulated Firearms - Maryland Voluntary Do Not Sell Firearm Process Letter of Support
SB 754
HB 1368
Health Insurance Carriers and Pharmacy Benefits Managers - Clinician-Administered Drugs and Related Services Support
SB 759
HB 698
Estates and Trusts - Guardianship of the Person of a Disabled Person - Expedited Proceedings SupportGuardianship
SB 791
HB 932
Health Insurance - Utilization Review - Revisions Letter of Support
SB 830
HB 934
Radiation Therapy, Radiography, Nuclear Medicine Technology, and Radiology Assistance - Limited Licensed Radiologic Technologist Support
SB 949
HB 1047
Consumer Protection - Self-Administered Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits Letter of Support
SB 950
HB 1127
Sexual Assault Forensic Examinations Conducted Through Telehealth - Reimbursement and Study Support
SB 955
HB 1174
State Government - Technology Advisory Commission - Established Support w/Amendments
SB 973 Hospitals - Private Hospital Grant Program - Funding Support
SB 974
HB 933
Behavioral Health Crisis Response Services - 9-8-8 Trust Fund Fees Support
SB 986
HB 1056
State Board of Pharmacy - Prohibition on Discrimination Against 340B Drug Distribution Support
SB 999
HB 1125
Certified Nursing Assistants - Licensing Requirements and Administrative Updates Support
SB 1006 Hospitals - Medical Debt Collection - Sale of Patient Debt Support
SB 1020
HB 1194
Hospitals - Clinical Staffing Committees and Plans - Establishment (Safe Staffing Act of 2024) Oppose
SB 1023
HB 1279
Maryland Building Performance Standards - Fossil Fuel Use, Energy Conservation, and Electric- and Solar-Ready Standards (Better Buildings Act of 2024) Letter of Information
SB 1071
HB 1155
Hospitals - Opioid Overdose - Medication-Assisted Treatment Letter of Information
SB 1087 Maryland Artificial Intelligence Advisory and Oversight Commission Support w/Amendments
SB 1104
HB 1148
Health Care Facilities - Notice to Consumers - Out-of-Network Status (Health Care Provider Out-of-Network Information Act) Oppose Unless Amended
SB 1141
HB 607
Community Colleges - Maryland Community College Promise Scholarship - Requirements Letter of Support
SB 1158
HB 547
Crime of Violence - Educational Facilities, Medical Facilities, and Places of Worship - Penalty (Sacred Places Safety Act) SupportWorkforce
Violence Prevention
SB 1182
HB 1388
Labor and Employment - Noncompete and Conflict of Interest Clauses - Veterinary and Health Care Professionals Oppose
HB 10 Criminal Injuries Compensation Board - Eligible Individuals and Direct Reimbursement for Mental Health Services Letter of SupportBehavioral Health
HB 148 Department of Transportation - Human Trafficking Awareness, Training, and Response (See Someone, Save Someone Act) Letter of InformationSexual Assault & Human Trafficking
HB 167 Public Schools - Student Health - Certificate of Dental Health Letter of Support
HB 177 Hospitals - Care of Infants After Discharge (Safe Sleep Act of 2024) Support w/Amendments
HB 312 Physician Assistants - Collaboration Agreements Support
HB 328 Hospitals - Financial Assistance Policies - Revisions Letter of Concern
HB 354 Maryland Pathway to Nursing Program and Advisory Committee - Establishment Support
HB 359 Petition for Guardianship of the Property of Alleged Disabled Person - Stay of Civil Actions and Proceedings Letter of Support
HB 568 Community Health Worker Appreciation Day Letter of Support
HB 757 State Board of Physicians - Supervised Medical Graduates and Cardiovascular Invasive Specialists (Bridge to Medical Residency Act) Support
HB 767 Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Adult and Pediatric Dental Services - Reimbursement Rates Support
HB 784 Task Force on Reducing Emergency Department Wait Times Letter of Information
HB 804 Certificate of Need - Psychiatric Health Care Facilities and Psychiatric and Mental Health Services - Exemption Oppose
HB 1054 Physicians - Licensing - Foreign Practicing Physicians SupportWorkforce
HB 1143 Emergency Medical Services - Maryland Emergency Department Wait Time Reduction Commission and Standardized Protocols - Establishment Letter of Information